Terms and Conditions

A booking is not confirmed until it has been sent in writing either by letter or email, and the deposit of 25% of your total bill for your stay has been received. At this point you shall be entering into a contract with Tearlach Cottages. Please read through the terms and conditions carefully and please don’t hesitate to ask about anything you don’t understand should you need to.

Full payment is due no later than four weeks prior than your arrival date. If full payment is not made four weeks prior to arrival you shall receive a reminder email; should this still not prompt payment – I reserve the right to cancel your booking with no return of the initial deposit. If you book within the four weeks of arrival, full payment shall be due upfront.

Please leave the cottage in a condition which you would like to find it. If there is anything we categorise as significant damage to the cottage and its’ grounds, if excessive cleaning needs done, or if a matter has arisen during your stay that requires extra payment from Tearlach Cottages and it has been deemed to be the tenants doing, Tearlach Cottages does reserve the right to ask for the excess in payment after your stay.

Holiday cancellation insurance is not provided by Tearlach Cottages. You have the responsibility to arrange appropriate holiday cancellation insurance and this will not be formed by entering into a contract with Tearlach Cottages. If you proceed to cancel your stay before your arrival date, and before full payment has been made, the deposit shall be refunded should the cottage be re-let during your original stay dates; less £25.00. This sum shall be retained for administrative costs. If final payment is made before you cancel your stay a full refund, less £25, shall be given; providing the property can be re-let and you have given at least 14 days’ notice. If the property cannot be re-let or you give less than 14 days’ notice, then no refund shall be made. Please note we will require 28 days’ notice before Easter Bank Holiday, May Bank Holiday weekends and August Bank Holiday weekends; as well as the Christmas/Hogmanay period.

Please ensure full contact details are given at the time of the booking; these are used to contact you if you leave anything at the property. Should you leave anything behind this can be posted back to you at your expense.

Only persons listed on the booking form are to reside at the cottage during your requested time of rent.

The person who initiates the booking and gives their name is responsible for ensuring that the conditions of let are adhered to, for any loss or damage to the accommodation and the contents, given fair wear and tear, during the rental period. We do ask that breakages are reported in the given book, as well as defaults should any equipment cease to work during your stay; so that replacements can be put in place or items fixed for the next guests. The accommodation rented should be kept clean and in good condition during your stay.

Tearlach cottages reserves the right to request further payment after your departure should excessive cleaning be needed, or to cover the cost of any major damages to the building and its’ contents. We may also request further payment regarding the house phone usage once the bill comes through. To avoid this please keep outgoing calls to a minimum and refrain from calling abroad; however if you need to please take note the cost of the call/s shall be requested at a later date.

Changeover day is preferably a Friday. Check in time is 1500hrs and check out time is 1000hrs. Please stick to the given times as this allows appropriate time to get the property ready for the next guests.

Well behaved pets are welcome at the properly, no more than two dogs can be at the property at any one time. They should use their own bedding, be fully house trained, not allowed on furniture and never be left in the property unattended for more than 3 hours maximum. Should you require a dog sitting service a lovely lady who day sits’ dogs can be recommended.

Smoking is not permitted inside the property, please use the appropriate area outside.

Tearlach Cottages does not take any responsibility for your personal possessions during your stay. Possessions and Vehicles are left entirely at your own risk.

If for any reason the accommodation booked is not available to you on the required dates, due to reasons out of our control, Tearlach Cottages shall offer you different dates with appropriate monetary exchanges depending of the time of the year; or a full refund shall be given.

Tearlach Cottages reserve the right to refuse entry to the property to anyone who, in our opinion, is not suitable to take charge of the property. In this case the contract shall be terminated without further liability to Tearlach Cottages. A refund shall be given if the property can be re-let during your original stay period (as in above.)

Tearlach Cottages also reserve the right to terminate the contract at any time during your stay and remove any person/persons due to unreasonable behaviour, damage to the property or causing annoyance and/or offence to other people within the area. Should this be the case, no refund shall be given from Tearlach Cottages.

Tearlach Cottages reserves the right to ask the whole party staying at the cottage to leave should any of the Terms and Conditions listed above not be adhered to.

The contract formed confers a right to occupy the accommodation for the agreed period only in accordance with Section 12(2) and paragraph 8 of Schedule 4 of the Housing Scotland Act 1988.